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East Brookwood Estates News 5/29/2019 

The Special Public Meeting Date: Jan 30 , 2019
it was a UNANIMOUS VOTE to Dissolve the
East Brookwood Estates Property Owners Association, Inc.

CCR REPORTS posted on WATER Page

SALE AND TAKE OVER BY SUEZ has been completed on November 29, 2018

Any water issues should be reported to SUEZ as of DEC 1 2018
Customer Service 1-888 770 6030

MONTHLY BOARD MEETING June 2019 AT THE Budd Lake diner @ 0830 Hrs subject to change


Please UPDATE YOUR EMAIL if you have a NEW ONE so you can receive important info by Email to your Email, ( Address will NOT be shared )
water@eastbrookwood.org is the Email address to be used for update

2018 CCR REPORT posted on WATER Page

All other questions please send to water@eastbrookwood.org

The notice in the NJ Herald about East Brookwood being a Super Fund Site this does not apply to the EBEPOA water system it is the 18 homes is the OLD section called Oak Crest Estates at the top of the hill above the East Brookwood Estates which is also referred as East Brookwood Section of Byram Twp. They are all private wells and not hooked up to the system. You can check out all testing done on the water page of the web site

Residents if you need to have main water shut off at the street please call in advance before it becomes an emergency PLAN AHEAD CALL SUEZ AT 1-888 770 6030

Residents if you hire a contractor or digging yourself make sure they or you contact ONE-CALL first 1-800-272-1000 or 811

Flood Map along Lubbers Run Drag & Zoom in for Brookwood Area Flood Map


Attend Planing Board Meetings about Projects going on in your TOWN BYRAM TWP

There is a link on the water page to the DEP Water Watch site


Water Operations:

Any water issues should be reported to SUEZ as of DEC 1 2018
Customer Service 1-888 770 6030

Fishing along Lubbers Run in East Brookwood in Byram Twp. see MAP

Public Meeting:

The Spring Public Meeting Date: May 22, 2019 @ 7:30pm @ Dolan & Dolan 53 Spring St Newton be there to be informed

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please call us at 973-347-9004 or Fax to 937 347 9005 or email us atwater@eastbrookwood.org.


Copyright ? 2011
East Brookwood Estates Property Owners Association


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